Neurotypical / Neurodiverse couples therapy

Neurodiverse couples therapy is based on the understanding perspective from both sides and teaching/ showing the couple the healthy way forward. Therapy is based on combining different therapies such as EFT (emotionally focused therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), Imago method. The therapy will follow 14 steps (but will not be limited to that) based on the Asperger Couple Workbook developed by Eva Mendes:

  1. Pursuing a diagnosis (optional) or Identifying the aspects of Asperger’s that apply to you;
  2. Accepting the diagnosis or accepting your unique characteristics;
  3. Staying motivated;
  4. Understanding how AS impacts the individual;
  5. Managing depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
  6. Self-exploration and self-awareness;
  7. Creating a Relationship Schedule;
  8. Meeting each other’s sexual needs;
  9. Bridging parallel play;
  10. Coping with sensory overload and meltdowns;
  11. Expanding Theory of Mind;
  12. Improving communication (learning to interpret gestures, facial expression and tone of voice of others so that intentions and the meaning of communication is transparent);
  13. Co-parenting strategies;
  14. Managing expectations and suspending judgment (developing a realistic understanding of who one is, greater appreciation of one’s unique qualities and strengths).

​We focus on emotional integration on both sides during the session, conflict resolution, boundaries, and communication between partners.

Personally, I am married to ASD men for over 14 years, and I can understand the difficulty from both sides. I am passionate about ASD and NT relationships, and I believe it can be as fulfilling and nurturing as any other. I have researched ASD, attachment style and mental health. 

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